Patience goes a long way

What I value most about being an interracial relationship is that it has made me appreciate the value of patience. I would say I am naturally a tolerable individual. Many of my friends still question how I can be dating someone who’s first language isn’t the same as mine. 

 While it’s important, like us, to be able to laugh off misunderstandings, you have to be careful that you aren’t bypassing some personal habits (that you may find annoying) because they are from a different culture. We’re still in the process of learning about each other, and will always be. Initially, my nihonjin viewed constructive talks as something negative and would rather forget and not confront issues. However, he’s been able to see the value of open communication and is definitely improving.

 For instance, were able to tell each other when we were more prone to be sensitive and grumpy. (i.e late at night, just waking up or on an empty stomach).  While this may seem trivial, it goes a long way to know these social cues of your partner, especially when you see them every day, like we do. Realistically, no one can be happy and be laughing 24/7. 

 I’m lucky to have found someone who can make me laugh at dullest things, but also be willing to have meaningful conversations when needed. 


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