The uncertainties of an LDR

I have upgraded and improved my blog here.

Can our LDR really work?

Will you move to South Korea or will he move to Australia?

What about leaving your family and friends?

Won’t it be hard to have a career in a country where you don’t even speak the language?

It would be a lie to say that I do not worry about our future. It’s even harder being from countries that are seen to be culturally different. In the end, one of us has to make a greater sacrifice if we want our relationship to work out. But who?

Falling in love is messy enough already. Logistically, being in love in an LDR is even messier. I am confronted by questions early on in my relationship that I would not necessarily have even concerned myself over if I was dating someone from the same city. I have onlookers judging and doubting whether my LDR will even last. But it takes a great deal of commitment to even consider an LDR.

Before even agreeing to stay in contact with my boyfriend after leaving Seoul, these hard-hitting questions already clouded my mind. However, we both did not enter our LDR casually and hope things may or may not work out. We both had a strong resolution to make our relationship work. We were not naive about our situation. We both knew the cons. Yet, we saw something in one another that we couldn’t see in anybody else that we’ve ever met before.

I think it takes a lot of courage to begin an LDR. It has made me more mature and be more transparent when communicating with my boyfriend. Something I lacked with previous relationships because I was too anxious about looking too forward or eager. My LDR has made me fight for my relationship because I realise every minute I get to speak to my boyfriend is valuable.



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